Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ethel Island Memorial Weekend

Okay, this is the very first Ethel Island Blog post, so bare with me! :) Memorial weekend was filled with lots of fun on Lake of the Woods (L.O.W. for those of you unfamiliar with the acronym). The water was cold, but we managed to still get in for a dip. Kent, Adam, Robyn, and Kelly went fishing at Yellow Girl. Fishing was slow, but we still managed to get our limit with Adam catching most of our meal as well as a nice 5 lb (?) Walleye. It was Kelly's first time fishing up at L.O.W. Dad and Rene' joined us on their jet skis for a bit.

Highlights of the weekend included Alex and EmaRae's potty adventures: Alex, of course, peeing on the four-wheeler tire and EmaRae learning to squat and pee, "This is sooo cool that I learned how to squat Mama."

We enjoyed campfires, a fish fry, picking rocks on the swim beach, and cutting down trees to help get the Island ready for the summer.